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The Book, "The Black And White Of Perspective"

Reeverian Photography will soon be publishing a book entitled, "The Black and White of Perspective".  The book will feature black and white photos of buildings, houses and city scenes.  The objective of the book is to share the imagery of black and white photography as a very innovative and artistic form of art.  The development team along with the chief photographer are now scouring through hundreds of pictures to develop the book and it's asthetic appeal.


The book will be ready by the end of the year and made available at the first of 2015.  There will be other text that will be used to instruct new students who are desiring to learn about photography.  These classes will be offered soon at the Reeverian Concepts Offices.

Featured Model For April 2014 Darrin

Darrin was a pleasure to work with and was exceptional in the photo shoot.  Looking ot shoot with him again in the near future.

All images are the property and copyright of D. Reeves for Reeverian Photography duplication prohibited.

Feature Model for March 2014 Ariel






Ariel has been a feature model with us before and she will be a part of this establishment for some time to come.   She was selected by our editors and publishers and so we present her again.

All pictures are copywritten by Reeverian Photography.

Thematic Photography

Thematic Photography, in my oppinion,  is one of the most exciting and creative aspects of photography that exists today.  It is not only taking a photo but it is a form of art that incorporates both light, shadow, perspective and other mediums that add to the concept or theme.  A prop or a bit of paint and add some difused light and just about anything that you can think of can be produced.  I say just about because I have a very vivid imagination of worlds and existences that go so far beyond what I call the human science that it may take a while for science to catch up with my imagination.  Here are some of the thematic photo shoots that are, the start of many more.



The Above photos were touched up with some filters that highlighted the effect that was desired.  Thematic Photography can be easily turned into amazing artwork.



Featured Model For February 2014 DeLonn

DeLonn is both sophisticated and edgy!  He is a creative and yet very down to earth model that is sure to go places!



All Photos are the copyright of Reeverian Photography duplication is expressly forbidden by law

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